more,resistance wire,电热丝

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resistance wire,电热丝

KINGWAY HEATING ALLOYS FACTORY locates in a beautiful and rich town South of the Yangtze River, south by 312 National Highway , Hu-Ning Expressway and Hu-Ning Railway to the north. The company enjoys good traffic conditions very much.

more,resistance wire,电热丝

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resistance wire,电热丝

Our main products cover full ranges of Nickel and Nickel alloy welding wire and rod, INCONEL, INCOLOY, MONEL alloy wire, bar and strip, Nichrome, Iron-Chromium-Aluminium and Copper-Nickel series heating resistance wire, bar and strip, Thermocouple wires etc.CHINA HEATING ALLOYS

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Nichrome and FeCrAl wires,resistance wire,resistance wire
Nickel and Nickel alloy welding wire and rod

Alloy: ERNi-1;ERNiCu-7;ERNiCr-3;ERNiCrMo-3;ERNiCrMo-4;ERNiCrMo-10;ERNiCrFe-7;ERNiFeCr-2;DRNiMo-7;ERNiCrCoMo-1 etc.

Diameter: 0.5mm to 1.6mm in spool; 1.6mm to 6.4mm in coil or bar, china resistance wire

resistance wire,电热丝
Copper based alloy wires,resistance wire,电热丝
Special nickel alloy wire and rod

Alloy: INCONEL 600, 601, 617, 625, 718, 750; INCOLOY 800, 825; MONEL 400, 405 etc. Our internal material number is NILOY 9xxx correspondingly.

Diameter: 0.1mm to 2.3mm in spool; 0.8mm to 10mm in coil or bar; 10mm more only bar

resistance wire,电热丝
Wide strips,resistance wire,电热丝
Resistance alloys for electical heating

Alloy: 0Cr25Al5, 0Cr23Al5, 1Cr20Al3, 0Cr21Al6, 1Cr13Al4, 0Cr21Al6Nb, 0Cr27Al7Mo2, Cr20Ni80, Cr15Ni60, Cr30Ni70, Cr20Ni30, CuNi2, CuNi6, CuNi10, CuNi23 and CuNi44

Diameter: 0.03mm to 2.0mm in spool;1.1-10mm in coil;8mm more can be bar

resistance wire,电热丝
Heating strips,电热丝
Ribbons and wide strips

Alloy name: All above metioned alloys. We also can produce special alloys not metioned in our site. Please send us the specification and we will help you. The valid forms are wires, rods, bars and strips.

Size: Width0.2-5mm Thickness0.08-1mm for falt wire. Width8-240mm Thickness0.05-4mm for wide strip.

resistance wire,电热丝